Blender Conference 2013

Speaker(s) Presentation Day Type Location Time
Silvano Imboden A production pipeline for Cultural Heritage movies: from the concept layout to the Blender Render Farm 27 October Talk Theater 13:30
Ivan Cappiello - Paolo Acampora A Skeleton Animated Story, non photorealistic animated series with Blender 26 October Talk Theater 17:00
Ton Roosendaal Ask a developer 26 October Roundtable Salon 16:00
Tobias Günther Blender as core for web-based product configurators 27 October Talk Theater 16:00
Sybren A. Stüvel Blender as research tool: from data to visualization 27 October Workshop Salon 14:30
Joey Ferwerda Blender game development experiences and the Oculus Rift 26 October Talk Theater 17:30
Ollie Bradley-Baker - Tom Haines - Peter Kemp - Nick Van den Broeck - Adriana Mikolaskova Blender in education - roundtable discussion 27 October Roundtable Salon 11:30
Pablo Vazquez - Francesco Siddi Blender Network – first year report, future plans 27 October Talk Theater 14:30
Wolfgang Rechberger - Present your work and build your online portfolio 26 October Talk Salon 16:30
Tamir Lousky Blending for feature films and commercials at PitchiPoy 26 October Talk Theater 10:00
James Yonan Build your own low-cost yet highly scalable Blender render farm using Amazon Web Services 25 October Workshop Salon 17:00
Graham Knott Case Study Presentation: Analysing the brain with Blender 26 October Talk Theater 11:30
Olivier Boisard Case Study: From Blender Projects to Mobile Devices 27 October Talk Theater 14:00
Christian Rantzow - Consuelo Pecchenino Challenge: The use of Blender in a 1-month work on a stereoscopic glass explosion for cinema 26 October Talk Theater 13:30
Bartek Skorupa Compositing Workshop: Cycles vs. VRay 26 October Workshop Salon 11:00
Daniele De Luca Computer-aided Pizza Designer with Blender 27 October Talk Theater 12:00
Aeva Palecek Developing Artist-Centric Tools and Infrastructure for 3D Printing 25 October Talk Salon 11:00
José Maria Richardson Rebello de Andrade Facial rig design for Ptolmus: fast and expressive animation 26 October Talk Theater 16:00
Fabrizio Nunnari - Alexis Heloir Fast prototyping of UI interaction with Blender 25 October Talk Theater 16:00
Ton Roosendaal Foundation feedback meeting 26 October Roundtable Salon 12:00
Matthias Segui Serera Generic Generation with Hooked Connectors 25 October Talk Salon 16:00
Thomas Dinges German speaking Community meeting 26 October Roundtable Salon 15:30
Martins Upitis - Michael Otto GLSL shader development in Blender for Artists 27 October Workshop Salon 13:30
Shigeto Maeda GMP (Generative Modeling Project), and thereafter 27 October Talk Theater 10:00
Jonas Wulff Ground truth from graphics: Using Sintel to solve computer vision problems 26 October Talk Theater 15:30
Sebastian Ullrich Heart Surgery Simulation with Blender and H3D 26 October Talk Theater 10:30
Helmut Satzger How to render a Blender-Movie on a supercomputer with 150,000 cores 27 October Talk Theater 11:00
Andrew Price Improving Blender's UI 25 October Talk Theater 11:30
Janne Karhu - Julius Tuomisto Kinetic Bunny, meet the Virtual Bunny: Using a Kinect and the Oculus Rift together in the Blender Game Engine 25 October Talk Theater 14:30
Waqas Abdul Majeed Luke's Escape (Animated Short) 27 October Talk Theater 10:30
Christopher Webber MediaGoblin, Blender, and Network Freedom in Graphics 25 October Talk Theater 16:30
Jonathan Williamson Modeling workshop for Organic Forms 25 October Workshop Salon 14:00
Dalai Felinto Multiview 27 October Talk Theater 15:30
Andy Davies Normal mapping for games & realtime content 27 October Talk Salon 15:30
Sergey Sharybin One year of blender development 26 October Talk Theater 14:30
Ton Roosendaal Opening Keynote 25 October Talk Theater 10:30
Gottfried Hofmann OSL for artists (and developers) – Building up a toolbox for procedural textures 26 October Talk Salon 13:30
Jonathan Williamson - James Kennedy - Marius Iatan Panel about commercializing 25 October Panel Theater 17:30
Gottfried Hofmann Permissive is ok – Research results on license usage 25 October Talk Theater 17:00
François Zajéga ProcessingBGE (PBGE), a blender game engine API noobisation 26 October Talk Salon 14:30
François Gastaldo QUIPCam: a fast HDR setup using OSL 26 October Talk Theater 11:00
Michal Mielczynski RayPump - the Online Cycles Accelerator for Blender 26 October Talk Theater 14:00
Thomas Dinges Smart sampling - Tips for Cycles rendering 26 October Workshop Salon 10:00
Jorge Ribeiro Switching from 2D animation to 3D using Blender 26 October Talk Theater 15:00
Rob Tuytel The golden age experience 25 October Talk Theater 11:00
Matthieu Dupont de Dinechin The use of Blender in digital fabrication 27 October Talk Theater 15:00
Roman Volodin Traffic Cam - How I made my first own animated short 25 October Talk Theater 13:30
Bassam Kurdali Tube presentation 25 October Talk Theater 15:30
Brecht van Lommel UI analysis and challenges 25 October Talk Theater 15:00
Sean Kennedy Using Blender for VFX in Hollywood 26 October Talk Theater 12:00
Paul Caggegi Using Blender to create Manga/Comics 25 October Talk Theater 14:00
Donatas Remeika - Justas Ingelevicius Virtual prototyping system based on Blender 26 October Talk Theater 16:30
Reinhard Meier VIZOO xTex - Professional material creation for Blender 25 October Talk Salon 15:00