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chat icon Can we distribute the NaN compilled plug-in now???


Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2002 10:08 pm
Joined: 17 Oct 2002
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Since NaN compiled publisher 2.25 have been released for free download, can we distribute the blender plug-in?


Very Happy
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Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2002 8:18 pm
Joined: 15 Oct 2002
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Very good question. I asked something similar on elysiun, when the 2.25 version was still for founding members only. Since it is binary only, redistributing the plugin now shouldn't be a problem, but I'd hate to do something Ton (or the foundation, or whoever) dislikes.

And after all, it would be very, very, very cool if we could point to a download/installation place when embedding the plugin in HTML, that will actually stay the same for the next decade (or hopefully longer Smile). This way automatic installation could greatly benefit.

Well, whatever, good to see all this happening!
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