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chat icon collision detection library


Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2002 2:09 am
Joined: 13 Oct 2002
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This is probably a stupid question. I was wondering if it would be easiest to modify an existing collision detection library like this one: or which, I believe is free to use, or to just start from scratch.

I'm asking because no one seems to have brought it up yet (or I've missed it?)

What say you all? I'm curious?
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Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2002 2:18 am
Joined: 16 Oct 2002
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hmm.. well, that library seems well suited for the rendering engine, but boolean mesh isnt already present on Blender? i think Ton was thinking of a CD library for the game engine, i imagine we had to wait to things to settle down a little so things start to get more organized

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