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Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:36 pm
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I have been thinking alot, about a problem.

I have worked a bit with Maya too, but went to blender cause it was easier to get info and hlp.

Now i have learned the basic about blender, and moddled a good portions of things.

But... Evry time i get to the point of tweaking it, and make subsurf. i end up with wiered distortions and so on.
Many of them comes from creases and edgeloops when i sharpen edges.
(and yes my normals are correct)

I dont know what i do wrong, i think my meshes seem nice and smooth, no triangles or anything.

I never seen this in Maya, even when i crease half an edge in maya, it makes it fine and smooth.

Is blender so mutch harder to get good at that point ? Or am i doing anything wrong
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