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chat icon Patch: AC3D axporter - how to submit ?


Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2002 9:31 am
Joined: 16 Oct 2002
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I added a few functions to export to AC3D file format (easy to parse and used by some gpl game libs such as PLIB, used for tuxkart, flightgear and many other famous open source games).
It is preliminary support and seems to work for the few test I made (export color polygon, texture mapping UV coord).

Is there some interest for this feature ?
How could I submit this patch ? Who ?

I worked on the autoconf vertion of blender (I could not compile the official release). But I think that I could easyly port it to the cvs tree (without testing until I can compile it, of course).

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Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2002 3:25 pm
Joined: 15 Oct 2002
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We first want to get the source distribution reorganized, to get rid of all NaN stuff and make it nicely compiling out of the box for each operating system. I've already contacted the most active developers here to assist on that.

Next step is setting up a team of moderators testing patches, doing tests and releases. But most important: providing some guidelines which functionality should be added how... and where... and when! Smile

Give it a little time, there's som much to do, also to expand the website with real project management tools.
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Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2002 3:36 pm
Joined: 13 Oct 2002
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Hey Merelam,

If your looking for something to do while wating for the cvs stuff
to settle down.
Try adding it to the new plugin system I'm working on.
You can grab it at
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Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2002 9:35 pm
Joined: 15 Oct 2002
Posts: 25
I am interested - right now I'm using a python script for it, but integrating or adding it as a plugin could be a good addiction.
keep up the good work and thanks! Wink
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