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chat icon [solved]UI error after I build blender source code


Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 6:29 am
Joined: 27 Dec 2008
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Hi all,
I share this solution with Blender Comunity, hope it is useful for you.

I follow this guid and build blender source code(,
but when I launch my blender.exe, the UI is not displayed correctly. here is the screenshot.

My system environment is: MSVC2008ENG(with SP1),Win7 x32(Chinese edition), Blender2.57, python2.6

And here is my solution:
1. Change system language to English:
1) open "Control Panel" --> "Region and Language" window
2)in "Formats" tab, set format to "English"
3)in "Location" tab, set location to "USA"
2.(redundant and removed)
3.(redundant and removed)
4. restart you computer.
5. follow this guid ( and regenerate *.sln,*vcproj, and rebuild Blender.

NOTE: When you update your code under BLENDER/trunk/blender, don't forget to update the code under BLENDE/trunk/lib/windows.

Thanks for amino(IRC#blendercollada@freenode)'s help, the original solution was born when I dicusse the problem with amino.
Thanks for ChengXie's help, he tested and confirmed that the following two steps are redundant: "Control Panel" window --> "Region and Language" window -->"Administrative" tab,
press button "Change system locale...", and set it to "English(USA)"
3.set your computer name, which only contains letters a~z and A~Z.[/img]
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Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 6:36 am
Joined: 27 Dec 2008
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Here is the original article
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