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Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 6:56 pm
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I am trying to modify source code of Blender to my research needs.
I am starting and learning so please pardon me for some of my lack of knowledge. I am not strong in English sorry for mistakes.

I modified blender source code in this way:
in the bContext structure i created my own structure to carry my variables
lets say that name of this structure is MyStructure and variables are int myInt, float myFloat and bool myBool.

What i need is abliity to acces theese variables via Python. And i dont know how. Is there any way to register my variables in soure code so i can manipulate with them in python or console? Or maybe just write and add some code parts to make it work?

Reason is simple. I created a simple gui for myself in python but i need to acces theese variables so i can modify them in this gui.

I dont care if i must change some of the code in Blender source code or if there is any trick in python I can use. I just need some solution (easier is better).

Thanks for replies.
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