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chat icon Just how parallel is the actual modeling in blender?


Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:00 am
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I can imagine things like rotations, resizing, and sculpting being very straightforward to program as a SIMD operation in Blender. Each vertex has it's own independent data in the form of its location, and when you select a certain number of points and press "R", they're all given the same command to rotate a certain distance around a central point. Same goes for sculpting- just bring all the vertexes within this circle "up" when I click the mouse and drag. In each of these examples, separate threads could handle the movement of each point. Problem is, when I DO sculpt or rotate or whatever, the task manager only shows one core maxed out, while the others are sitting idle. Is there a feature that I don't know about that can be turned on, or am I just doomed to single-threaded performance until a future version of Blender add this?
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