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chat icon Problems compiling Blender with Cmake on Mac


Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 8:56 pm
Joined: 15 Apr 2012
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Yes folks, here we have yet another random guy on the internet who's having problems building Blender. I'm sure it must be boring to look around the forums helping out all us poor idiots who can't debug and then code our own solutions, but I'll try to keep this short and simple-ish.

I've been compiling Blender on my own for months now, but just recently I've started getting this set of errors:

1st Error:
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:295 (STRING):
string sub-command SUBSTRING requires four arguments.

2nd Error:
CMake Warning at CMakeLists.txt:1140 (if):
given arguments:

"LESS" "4.3"

Unknown arguments specified

3rd Error:
-- Check if the system is big endian
-- Searching 16 bit integer
-- Looking for sys/types.h
-- Looking for sys/types.h - not found
-- Looking for stdint.h
-- Looking for stdint.h - not found
-- Looking for stddef.h
-- Looking for stddef.h - not found
-- Check size of unsigned short
-- Check size of unsigned short - failed
-- Check size of unsigned int
-- Check size of unsigned int - failed
-- Check size of unsigned long
-- Check size of unsigned long - failed
CMake Error at /Applications/CMake (MESSAGE):
no suitable type found
Call Stack (most recent call first):
CMakeLists.txt:1420 (test_big_endian)

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!


Not sure how helpful those first couple are, but they are there, so I thought I'd include them just in case.
It looks to me like the big problem is with the test_big_endian thing, but I really don't know what that means.
Anyway, these errors aren't all quite coming in one right after the other, I've just picked them out of the whole list of stuff that Cmake puts out when I run "cmake ../blender" in a new build directory. I'm not quite sure if this is a problem with blender or with Cmake, or what is really going on there.
In the meantime I've been using scons, but I really prefer how cmake (or, more precisely, how ccmake) works, so any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
This is with Cmake 2.8.7, Xcode 4.3, and Mac OSX 10.6.8.
Thanks in advance for any help!
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Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2012 12:57 am
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As I understand it, you need to configure cmake before you run it.

The #blendercoders IRC channel on might be a good place to get compile help. (days euro-time is good)
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