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chat icon 3D Rigged Character w/ UV Mapping and bones needed!


Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2012 4:22 pm
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Me and my friend have started game project using Leadwerks.
He is in charge of the code, i do the materials and GFX. We are really busy with all the things with the game engine! ;/

As the title says; We need 3D Rigged Character w/ UV Mapping and bones.
The Character should be as human like as possible. Also it must have all the bones humans have (Independent fingers, toes, etc.)
Its a FPS game, and we have thought about an idea, that if you shoot one part of the body, it could fell off - so it needs to have named childs.

We are aware that this is a major thing to ask, but we cant afford a professional modeler at the moment.

(If you are interested in low budget indie game 3D-Modelers job contact or

Here are some project screenshots!
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