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chat icon help! Quicktime won't work on my windows 32 bit!


Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:49 pm
Joined: 16 Jun 2012
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I am on a windows 32 bit computer windows vista. I am required to submit a project and it HAS to be able to convert from windows to imac! Quicktime is preferable but anything that can convert would be wonderful. I need a reply by tomorrow. I do not own and am not willing to purchase any form of expensive software such as adobe to fix this problem unless it is an ABSOLUTE last resort. please help. Sad
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Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2012 10:27 pm
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Given how little information you provided, I will make some assumptions...

You have an animation in Blender that you need to render in a format that can be played back as a movie on an iMac. Correct?

I believe that an iMac (using Quicktime as a player) should be able to handle a generic MPEG.
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Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:10 am
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Use ffmpeg. Or if you need a girly-man GUI, Handbrake.
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Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:07 am
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For a player, VLC is a free download and can play just about any format worth playing. It's probably preferable to QuickTime.

For the encoding, have Blender render to individual frames in lossless PNG format at a minimum. Then you can use something like FFmpeg to encode it to your choice of delivery formats. Don't have Blender render direct to the delivery format, otherwise you'll have to redo the rendering as well as the encoding if you change your mind about the latter.
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