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chat icon Can Blender have batch capturing clips in VSE?


Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:08 am
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Can Blender have batch capturing clips in VSE? Or other way can solve it?

Here is about the "Batch Capture" in Apple Final Cut Pro user manual:

Batch capturing is useful for the following workflows:

* When you log all of your tapes first and then select some of your logged clips for capture

* When you import a batch capture list created in another application

* When you import an EDL (which becomes a sequence of clips) or a sequence from another Final Cut Pro project, in which the clips’ media files are offline

* When you want to recapture media files using different video and audio settings (in other words, a different capture preset). For example, during the online phase of offline/online editing, you can recapture low-resolution media at full resolution. See Recapturing Clips.
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