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Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2002 1:16 pm
Joined: 03 Nov 2002
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I am fairly familiar with blender, but this is the first time I have tried to import (open) a dxf.

The dxf file seems to open ok and I can see it in the 3d view but when i render I see nothing - the camera is pointing at the object and there is a light source. If I create a sphere in between the camera and dxf object and render, i can see the sphere but not the dxf object.


Thanks for any help.
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Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2002 2:21 pm
Joined: 16 Oct 2002
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I had a similar question recently, it turned out that the DXF did not had any faces (only vertices and edges). To check go into FaceSelectMode or switsch to a shaded mode (ZKEY).


PS: Such question are probably better hosted, if it does not lead into a patch to the DXF importer Wink
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