Release planning: 2.80 ready in July

Blender 2.80 is currently being wrapped up. For the latest news check the blog

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No other release of Blender has been met with so much anticipation! It’s the accumulation of 3 years of time and hundreds of months of work by developers from the Blender community.

The Blender team decided to tackle workflow; not only by improving UI configurations and layouts, but especially by bringing back 3D tools and editing where it belongs – in 3D space. Everything should be real-time and interactive, whether you make photorealistic environments or cartoon animation.


Blender 2.8 features a revamped user interface, a high-end viewport, a new collection system, and much more. Here are the top 5 things you should know about Blender 2.8.

User Interface

Blender has a revamped user interface. Tools, gizmos and a more consistent layout to make it easier to discover and use Blender’s many features.

Workspaces let you quickly get started with tasks like sculpting, texture painting or motion tracking. They can be customized to create your own efficient working environment.

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EEVEE is a new physically based realtime renderer. It works both as a renderer for final frames, and as the engine driving Blender’s realtime viewport for creating assets.

It has advanced features such as volumetrics, screen-space reflections and refractions, subsurface scattering, soft and contact shadows, depth of field, camera motion blur and bloom.

EEVEE Animation Test by Glenn Melenhorst

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There is a new, modern 3D viewport. The workbench engine can visualize your scene in flexible ways. EEVEE powers the viewport for interactive modeling and painting with PBR materials.

The minimum graphics card requirements for Blender have increased to OpenGL core 3.3.

EEVEE Showcase by Daniel Bystedt

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2D Animation

Blender’s 2D drawing capabilities have been greatly improved with 2.8. The new Grease Pencil focus is to create a more friendly interface for the 2D artist, while keeping the advantages of having a full 3D suite underneath.

Grease Pencil is no longer just a stroke, it’s now a real Blender object with huge improvements to brushes and tools.

HERO – Grease Pencil Showcase

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Gone is the limit of 20 layers per scene. Blender 2.8 introduces a new concept to organize your scene with Collections and View Layers. Read more.

In order to ease the management of Collections, editing and filtering in the Outliner has been improved. Check out the demo video.


New principled volume and hair shaders, bevel and ambient occlusion shaders, the industry standard Cryptomatte is now fully supported, combined your CPU and GPU for rendering, random-walk Subsurface Scattering and many more improvements.

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More Features

Dependency Graph

At the heart of Blender, the core object evaluation and computation system in Blender has been rewritten. It delivers better performance for modern many-core CPUs, and paves the way for new features in future releases. Read more.

Multi-object editing

You can now enter edit modes for multiple objects together. Read more.

Cloth Physics

The cloth simulator has been improved to give more control, and more robust collision results. Read more.


Pixar’s OpenSubdiv support built-in, Khronos’ glTF support,

See the detailed release notes.

Try It Yourself

Blender 2.80 is under development. We do not recommend using Beta versions in production, there are still many bugs and data loss is not likely but still possible. Always backup your files.

* Do not use in production. With great power… *

Download Blender 2.80 Beta

Check out the features by yourself by playing with these files provided by the community.

Race Spaceship

By Alessandro Chiffi / ONdata Studio. Video

18 MB - License: CC-BY


By Dominik Graf

350 MB - License: CC-BY-SA


By Daniel Bystedt

300 MB - License: CC-BY-SA

Ember Forest

By Mike Pan

71 MB - License: CC-BY

Wasp Bot

By Emiliano Colantoni

58 MB - License: CC-BY

Architectural Visualization

Made by Marek Moravec. Early video demo.

195 MB - License: CC-0 Public Domain

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