Blender Conference 2016: 28-29-30 October, De Balie, Amsterdam

Deadline for submitting presentations has passed. If you have a talk or presentation we really shouldn't miss, contact us at conference (at)

Order the conference ticket

Blender Conferences are great events, a real highlight of the year for many people. This is because the conference attracts wonderful visitors and presenters from all over the world, but also because of the quality of the conference venue and the organization.

The Foundation and Institute have always sponsored the conference substantially in the past. The past few years this was getting a bit out of control... it is time to adjust the prices to reflect the economic reality. We will also invest more in streams and recordings this year.

We also welcome conference sponsors. For the 2016 edition we will make a sponsor prospectus, please contact us for it. 

Contact: conference (at)

Conference Schedule: Sept 6th

We are currently processing all talk submissions. Many interesting proposals have been coming in already, including talks by the crew who made the animated feature film "Run Ozzy Run!"


The presentations and program!

You can see the presentations list and schedule here. The schedule is a great mix of case studies, science talks, coding presentations, art demos, animation workshops and a lot of fun!

Or check the diagram of all talks at-a-glance.

Video and photo impressions

Saturday 29 October: Cycles Contributor meeting

During the Blender Conference we will reserve a meeting room with 16-20 seats (around a table) for a couple of more focused Cycles developers/contributor meetings. This will be open for anyone who contributes to Cycles in one or another way (cycles coders, 3rd party product integrators, studio pipeline engineers).

Access to the sessions would be based on reservation, Ton Roosendaal will maintain a list of participants. Contact him at ton (at)

Goal is to have quality time together, on high technical level, to discuss the current projects and agree on a roadmap. No streaming or recording would happen here. 

Special attention could go to companies/developers who integrate Cycles in their own products or studio pipelines, to make sure they can keep using Cycles and that they feel welcome to contribute back. Finally the need for an 'architecture review board' could be checked on.

The main topics and outcome of the meeting qill be presented the day after in an open feedback session in the Salon.

Suzanne Award / Animation Festival

De Balie has a real cinema with excellent projection facilities. We will collect submissions this year to assemble a great 90 minute Short Film festival, which run Friday evening. 

Check last year's winners here!

Call for the submissions to the 2016 festival will be done before Sept 6th.

Streams & recordings

As usual, all presentations have been streamed live and recorded to YouTube, on the Blender Foundation channel.

All talks are being recorded and will be live streamed, or available within an hour after the talk.

Code of Conduct

Blender Conferences are inclusive and welcoming events, cherishing the diversity of our community.

Travel and Accommodation

Directions upon arrival

Arrival via Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
Walk to the main exit hall, there's a railway station underneath. Take train to to Amsterdam Centraal Station (15-20 minutes). You can get tickets in vending machines or at desks.

Arrival at Amsterdam Centraal railway station
Get out at "Centrum", walk to De Balie is about 20 minutes. You can also take tram lines.

Arrival by car
Parking in Amsterdam is impossible or expensive! Best is to park outside the center; like in "ArenA Transferium". Cheap parking rates include metro/tram tickets.

In general
Avoid taxis! Especially taxis at the railway station will rip you off. Taxi ride from Airport to De Balie can easily cost you 45 euro. If you really need a taxi in Amsterdam, ask the hotel to phone you one, or phone the "Taxi Centrale Amsterdam": 020 7777777, they are reliable.

Hostels and other options

Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark
(Walking distance)
phone: +31 (0)20 551 31 90

Stayokay Amsterdam Stadsdoelen
Kloveniersburgwal 97
1011 KB Amsterdam
tel: +31 (0)20 624 68 32

Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg
(Is 30-40 minutes walk, but easy tram connection)

Camping Zeeburg Amsterdam
(they have cabins)
It's not very close, has tram connection though.
Zuider IJdijk 20
T: +31-20-694 44 30

Other hotels

You can find hotels via common sites such as easily. Unless you have a good budget (100 euro per night or more), it's advised to not choose a hotel within the canal area - and certainly not in the old city heart or close to the Railway Station. The cheap hostels there are known to be among the worst of Europe!

Find a hotel outside the canal area, on bicycling distance or one that has a good tram connection to Leidseplein, where De Balie is. On 10-20 minutes tram/bicycle distance are usually decent and affordable hotels. Bicycle rentals are everywhere.