Challenge: The use of Blender in a 1-month work on a stereoscopic glass explosion for cinema

Consuelo Pecchenino

Saturday 26 October Theater 30

With this presentation we want to illustrate our use of Blender to realize a VFX effect - starting from the mesh and going across dynamics, compositing and stereo3d. The explosion was used for a civil courage’s spot currently going on German cinemas and TVs.

The director's request was a vfx scene in which the protagonist throws a man through a car window.

They needed a 3d-animated window, that crashed on the impact of the man being thrown through the car door. The animation should include the explosion of the window with particles flying around, be made in stereoscopia for 3d-cinema, everything had to be placed on the right spots in the filmed shots, colors and reflections had to be matched.

The work itself was a challenge: two people, a desktop computer and a laptop, one-month deadline, first experience in the stereo3d and a medium knowledge of the program Blender.

We want to expose the difficulties encountered, the unorthodox methods used to reach our goal and how we have structured our workflow.