Computer-aided Pizza Designer with Blender

Daniele De Luca

Sunday 27 October Theater 30

Pizza Designer is a project committed by Italpizza, a leading manufacturer operating world-wide, developed at Cineca and entirely based on Blender. Pizza Designer serves two different purposes:

  1. Aiding Italpizza R&D in the development of new recipes, allowing to dress a chosen pizza-dough base with any combination of the available 3D modeled toppings. Amount and placement of ingredients can be edited. The user interaction is simple and suitable to people without experience in 3D modeling or Blender.
    During the whole process, Pizza Designer provides an accurate 3D interactive representation of the resulting real pizza. To further enhance the final visual quality, baked shadows and ambient occlusion are possible.
    The program interoperates with the R&D informative system by storing and retrieving recipes and computing costs and nutritional facts
  2. Marketing: Pizza Designer can be scripted to perform a rolling demo on projected surfaces or used with tablet/touchscreen.
    Besides the visual quality, Italpizza appreciated: portability of the Application, not requiring dongles or licenses, quick development (2 months, three persons) and usability (Blender complexity hidden behind custom UI).

To us Blender offered an easy solution for creating an ad-hoc application for industrial needs.