ProcessingBGE (PBGE), a blender game engine API noobisation

François Zajéga

Saturday 26 October Salon 45

ProcessingBGE is an attempt to simplify as much as possible the Python API of the Blender Game engine.
The package, downloadable online and ready to use, is composed of two main components: a set of .blend files,
and a python script that contains the high-level methods.

The project is targeted to different groups that share the same issue: They don't know Blender and/or Python (from never used to basic knowledge) and they want to experiment interactive 3D coding.

It could be used by students of art schools, digital artists that already have some experience on another platform or by Blender users afraid by the python API.

PBGE will not expose the whole API, it will only give the opportunity to test easily the basic capabilities of the game engine.
The project is obviously inspired by, who propose an easy and creative way to start programming.

I've started a mockup, available on Github.
The documentation is available in the folder “doc”.