Virtual prototyping system based on Blender

Justas Ingelevicius

Saturday 26 October Theater 30

Two years ago we have made a technical feasibility study about parametric computer aided design functionality integration into Blender 3D modeling platform and presented it in Blender conference 2011. Now we are making system prototype showing proposed features in real Blender environment. Also we are making feature and project presentation for crowdfunding campaign.

Our vision is to extend Blender to be suitable for virtual prototyping of things. We are going to add ability to prepare all documentation needed for real manufacturing - drawings, part schedules etc. We have already created mockups of proposed features, now we are in progress of creating interactive prototype. It will be set of precreated sample .blend files and Blender environment with added UI elements, and python scripts witch will make interactivity. We will use prototype for UI usability and workflow testing before starting heavy development.