The use of Blender in digital fabrication

Matthieu Dupont de Dinechin

Sunday 27 October Theater 30

Digital fabrication covers a lot of fields, 3D printing receiving a lot of media coverage. Blender can be used for 3D printing and is now shipped with tools to help with that, but it can be used for CNC machining too, either by exporting the model or directly by using BlenderCAM. Combining of Blender with those tools allows you to explore a much wider variety of designs, some of them impossible in any other way. Add the endless possibilities of Python and you can play without limit. We will see some examples of 3D printing and 3 axis CNC machining done with Blender and open hardware (Ultimaker 3D printer and Shapeoko CNC) and explore the possibilities and some of the problems one can face during the process. Most of those examples will be in the architectural field, but we will see some mechanical parts and more artistic concepts too.