A Skeleton Animated Story, non photorealistic animated series with Blender

Paolo Acampora

Saturday 26 October Theater 30

We switched our whole 3D animation pipeline from commercial software to Blender for our last work, the upcoming animated series "A Skeleton Story", produced by MAD entertainment and RAI, respectively our animation studio based in Naples and the Italian national broadcaster. We are very happy with our choice and we are eager to show our work, as well as sharing our experience and knowledge at the Blender Conference.
We would like to show:

  • a 40 second excerpt from the teaser
  • overview of our character rig process
  • animation workflow
  • render and compositing

The talk will deal with professional use of Blender, production pipeline, blend with traditional animation. We'll also show some of the tools we wrote ourselves or hacks we resorted to, and our plans for further usage, development and tool release.