VIZOO xTex - Professional material creation for Blender

Reinhard Meier

Friday 25 October Salon 45

We developed a Hardware device and Software to capture physical materials for Blender.

The Hardware device consists of a camera and several light sources. The software allows full automation of image capturing under different lighting conditions as well as the post processing.

The post-process combines the captured images to high quality tileable 3D materials, including Diffuse, Alpha, Normal and Specular information.

Our main goal is to deliver a very simple solution which outputs Blender materials in a consistent high quality.

We see the main application in industries where quality and speed play an equal role. In contrast to existing BRDF or BTF capturing devices our process only takes less than a minute. The output of constant high quality and the short capturing time make our process suitable for mass production of virtual materials. This provides an efficient solution for building up digital material libraries. Additionally the Blender integration allows direct visualization of physical materials on selected parts or by material names in a 3D scene.