Blender game development experiences and the Oculus Rift

Joey Ferwerda

Saturday 26 October Theater 30

Since 2011, we have been using Blender as the exclusive tool for game development, using it for day-to-day operations as a tool and as development software.
This workflow was enhanced by using our own Massive Engine game engine which utilizes Blender as total game design suite.
We will present functional demo's of what is possible with our game engine and how Blender is involved in the pipeline.
We will also present how Blender can be used for game asset creation and prototyping for general game development purposes.

Through the years, we have found a lot of pro's and con's on using Blender and will show a quick case study at the end of the presentation on what we would like to see improved to allow for better game development, but also what stands out in comparison to other game development tools.

We want to end with a showcase of the Oculus Rift virtual reality HMD and of the possibilities of how this can improve gaming and 3D modeling in general. This bit will be supported by Rob Tuytel, demonstrating a game scene build specifically for the Oculus Rift using Blender.