The golden age experience

Rob Tuytel

Friday 25 October Theater 30

I will explain in short what kind of project this ("The Golden Age Experience") is, where all this started, why I’m making this and for what kind of market. In addition to that, I will explain that we going to use Oculus Rift in combination with the massive engine created by Thorworks. Massive Engine is an external Blender engine. The big reason I like to show this project to the audience is that I would like to explain that it is not that problematic to start your own Blender project and to put it in the market. With some examples I will show how this process all works. To end the presentation I will show the first teaser of the project exclusive to the audience (not yet released).
If there is some time left I will show a live demonstration of Oculus Rift in combination with Massive Engine.