Blender in education - roundtable discussion

Ollie Bradley-Baker, Peter Kemp, Adriana Mikolaskova

Sunday 27 October Salon 60

Blender in Education can be used as tool to understand the area of 3D modeling and animation, the chances and difficulties of this medium. This medium makes students ask questions about images, it can make them discussing aspects of automatization in the visualization context. 

Blender in Education can also be used as tool to make students create things the dreamt of or didn't even know about! In this case: Which are the really basic aspects they should understand, that even could become a starting point of an artistic investigation? They shouldn't be forced to model an already created creature step by step first. They should start to create their own scenes from scratch. What makes the creative aspects of work more important than the applicational skills?

Let's discuss these questions. How to achieve these goals? In my introduction I will show you the way I experimented with high-school students. Let's talk about these and other ways. Bring questions, ideas or your own student's works.