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Best animation

  • Télé Célébrité Arnaud Travert
  • Chasqui Juan Carlos Sevillano
  • HOME DOG Emanuel Barros
  • Ray & Clovis - All That Jazz The Team At Theory Animation
  • Bugman 2014 Mathias Gulwer

Best design

  • JONAS Gaël Labousse & Clément Ducarteron
  • Grido Tops - TV Spot Directed and produced by Martín Eschoyez
  • STARTUP México Opening Juan Carlos Ortega // Thinking Rabbit Studio // Audio: Daniel Kaszas
  • RAMA Pratik Solanki
  • Ranadheeran Team Realworks

Best short

  • 11 Paper Place Daniel Houghton
  • Little Story Script, Animation & Edited by Vojtech Tomas
  • Ptolmus Sound, Image, Voices and music - Josemaria RRA
  • DECONCERTO Lucile Patry, Christophe Seux, Magali Pham
  • Pique Tico Juan Pablo Solís, Bernardo Alfaro.

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