Open Source Multi-Exporter for Renderer Comparison

Jan Walter

Friday 24 October Theater 30

At FMX 2014 I gave a talk about "Comparing Global Illumination (GI) Renderers". In 2012 I talked more generally about the same topic at the Blender Conference in Amsterdam. In the meantime I have written a multi-exporter for Blender from scratch, exporting simultaneously to several renderers (currently Arnold, Indigo, Luxrender, mental ray/iray, Maxwell, and RenderMan). I opened several repositories (including the exporter source code) to the public where I hope to share software and test scenes in a platform and application independent way, so everybody can replicate the images and get a feeling for the renderers being used and add their own bridges to unsupported renderers. This lead to an interview in a German magazine called Digital Production. I opened a forum where people can discuss about the topic of rendering and share their own experience and test scenes. Sony Picture Imageworks and Pixar contacted me about a cooperation for their inhouse renderer.