Heat people with your renderings!

Paul Benoît

Sunday 26 October Theater 30

The heat produced by computing tasks is lost, while on the other hand too many people can't afford heating. Acknowledging this reality inspired Qarnot to put in place a disruptive cloud HPC service, rethinking centralized energy-hungry data centers by breaking up the collection of servers and spreading them into buildings in the form of digital heaters, the Q.rads. So computations can heat all types of premises, for free. Qarnot computing recently launched the new version of its Q.blender rendering service already used by professionals and enthousiast hobbyists. On Q.blender, several thousands of nodes can be mobilized for durations as small as one minute. We will make a demonstration of the platform, so that the community can appreciate its speed and smooth user experience. We'd like to make a case for a more user-friendly, sustainable and democratic rendering. Creativity has no limit. Neither should your Blender rendering capacity (or your wallet)!