The 3futurez Holodeck Musical

Chuck Ian Gordon

Sunday 26 October Theater 30

Case study and 3d VR glasses demo 3futurez - the sequel to GameW0rldz - is a science fiction story about the next 1000 years of mankind showing a utopian and a dystopian future. It is being worked out as a novel as well as a real holodeck musical. The presentation gives insights in the actual development process and production pipeline setup and shows the steps to the finished product. The first stage - technical prototype and proof of concept has been finished and has been presented at the world science fiction convention in London in August 2014. Over 150 people have visited the VR demo (blender to unity3D) and given an enthusiastic feedback, very often: "That's so cool", "awesome" and "Amazing." Next steps: - create the 3futurez video and holodeck trailer, - collect financial resources, - adapt story to libretto - create the complete musical - song by song. The presentation will also discuss the options of using blender directly for the 3D stereo experience.