Making use of Blender without having to learn it

Manuel Luellau

Saturday 25 October Theater 30

I want to talk about the idea of selling .blend files to people with no 3d experience or desire to learn it. Those files are set up to work as templates, so that the user interaction is minimal, while the results can be great. This requires a very different approach to the file creation than regular work in blender. I am mostly trying to spread the idea of acquiring a market niche of companies or individuals which have recurring needs for (similar) up to date HQ 3d images, but don't have the money to hire someone every time they need it. (In my example it's book renders for online shops with changing covers) I have a real case at hand where this templates are successfully used by non-3d-people. Im going to demonstrate a file and how easy using it is. It involves some minor python scripting and making use of both Cycles and Internal, aswell as the Compositing System. I also mention issues and prospects of the concept and try to connect with the audience about those.