OSL Shader Writing with compatibility in mind

Fran├žois Gastaldo

Saturday 25 October Salon 60

OSL is now an extensively used Shading Language, opening doors to VRay, Renderman RIS, Appleseed, and many more. OSL is known as the next generation number one shading language.

During this workshop, we will discover how OSL can be used as a cross platform shading language between Blender+Cycles and other renderers.  We will learn the differences and solution to make compatible shaders, and how to adapt shading to specific renderers features.

We will study how to use Blender as a development platform for shading, via examples of OSL scene rendered with Cycles, VRay and Appleseed.

As Blender users know and use OSL from 2 years now, they have a unique opportunity to spread their knowledge and experiences over the whole advanced rendering world.