Creating an inclusive NPR render engine built to last

Wasili Novratidis

Saturday 25 October Salon 60

As the quest for realistic rendering goes on, there is a large subset of the market and production companies demanding a superior non-photorealistic (NPR) render engine. Blender, which is an integral part in many small studios in an emerging market, is in need of an inclusive NPR renderer to catch up with the tides. An inclusive NPR renderer must be flexible, expandable and fast. We explain what NPR is, the obstacles of doing NPR with current render engines, and how to overcome those obstacles. We have come to the conclusion that to build a render engine that can handle many styles with a fast and easy to understand workflow, we need to break some of the old rendering paradigms and merge ideas from traditional artistic medium. We are currently exploring how to build such an engine and are actively calling for the community to be involved.