Mantaflow - Advanced Simulation Tools

Gottfried Hofmann

Sunday 26 October Theater 30

Mantaflow is a simulation framework by Nils Thuerey, author of both the current fluid- and smoke simulation in Blender. Compared to the current simulations, Mantaflow offers a lot of advanced features like vortex particles and vortex sheets for smoke simulations. It can be used for fluid simulations as well.

Mantaflow is still in it's infancy and so is the integration into Blender. Basic work has been completed during the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) of 2014, allowing to run Manta from within Blender and render the simulation result. However, there is still quiet a way to go for a seamless integration with access to all of the advanced features.

In this talk, the current simulation tools in Blender are compared with Mantaflow and the state of integration is demoed.