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Best design

  • Sintik Manuel Grad, Timo Socher
  • Spin Da Floor Directed and Created By-Daniel Kimbrough Music By-Daniel X
  • Aprender a Voar Davide Maimone, Francesco Filippini, Mattia Florio, Federica Cammarota, Sandro Pandolfi, Gaetano Savio, Giuseppe Colucci, Ron Grieco, Stefano Costanzo, Giampaolo Angerosa.
  • 30th Modern Art Days Sebastian Lukaszuk, Slawomir Solowicz, Marek Ciunel, Griot Groove
  • Freshness Shrinidhi Rao, Bluepixels Animation Studios Pvt. Ltd (India)

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Suzanne Awards 2015

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