3D Printing by Python scripts in Blender

Takuro Wada

Saturday 24 October Salon 30

[ Summary ]
Talk about 3D modeling for 3D print by Python scripts in Blender.

I will talk about actual 3D modeling cases using python scripts in
Blender for 3D print and have basic tutorial to make 3D model using
python script in Blender (Using programming technic, you can create
generative models which can not be made by your hand). Also I'd like
to talk about tips you have to care about in modeling for 3D print.

[ After my presentation ]
You will get basic knowledge about how to use Blender & Python script when you want to make 3D data to print.

[ Reference ]
I've already published 3D modeling for 3D print by Blender and Python scripts. (But now I have only Japanese articles.)

Also I published some source code in github used in these articles.