Planning orthopedic surgery with Blender

Vasilii Shishkin

Friday 23 October Theater 30

Surgical planning is an important stage in medicine which allows to focus on the features of a certain clinical case, and to reveal possible problems which can occur during the oncoming operation. Today, however, classical preoperative assessment techniques are not fully capable of providing the surgeon with all necessary information about the operation at the initial stage of surgery preparation.

Today there is a need for a technology to perform preoperative planning in patients with bone deformities with the use of three-dimensional reconstruction of the skeletal system for the improvement of surgery. 3D reconstruction and modeling of specific body regions gives the surgeon an opportunity to understand even the most complex clinical cases before making an intervention. With the possibilities of making exact measures using 3D models of implants and performing "virtual surgery" this technique has shown good clinical outcome results.

The talk is focused on using Blender as a 3D preoperative planning tool in orthopedic surgery.