Professional 3d Printing Materials & Blender Tips

Kyriakos Tsilavis

Saturday 24 October Salon 60

How many materials can be printed and what are the technical specifications of each material? At the moment we have the possibility to print more than 30 different materials and over 90 possible color and finish combinations. Among them are precious metals like Gold 18k, Silver and Titanium.

In this workshop I will speak about the possibilities that we have to create 3d printed objects with different materials and I will give an idea of which is the correct order to design a printable model according to the technical specifications of each material.

Blender is a powerful program that has advantages that other programs don't have. I will speak about how we can use the tools of Blender to create a printable model and also how we can fix problems that can occur during the modeling so our model will match the specifications of each material. Finally I will give some tips for color 3d printing and how we can export our model for final production.