"Repto108" (Movie) - Current state of Production

Zacharias Reinhardt

Sunday 25 October Theater 30

In this presentation German 3d artist and certified Blender trainer Zacharias Reinhardt will talk about the current state of „Repto108“ - a 3d animation movie project that was launched by him and his siblings Vincent and Felicitas Reinhardt in April 2014.

„Repto108“ is a post apocalyptic sci-fi adventure that takes place on the earth-like planet ‘Patala’, some time after a gruesome war nearly wiped out the entire population. It is an international, collaborative and kind of open movie project that will mainly be produced with “Blender”.

Visit this presentation to learn more about:

  • the project itself
  • the story
  • the current state of production
  • future plans
  • how you can support the project