Parts of Blender are Chain Driven

Pete Dakin

Friday 23 October Salon 30

This talk is about finding, inspiring and fostering the talent that will one day use 3D animation programs to create the next "wow" moment. There are many talented people using animation tools today and many more who will discover them. But how will they discover them? Will they discover Blender before any other solution? Will they love it? And will they come to understand, first and foremost, that they way you make 3D stuff happen is with Blender?

The 3D Movie School Club concept is one possible answer to those kinds of question. Already successfully piloted in the UK, the club concept is all about extending, and strengthening, the chain of talent that starts when we're young, and can stretch trough school and on into successful careers in creative industry - the so-called "talent-value chain".

The talk is aimed at Blender enthusiasts of all levels, as well as educators, parents and potential collaborators and partners. 


  1. Introduction to the concept of 3D Movie School Clubs
  2. Case study: "Movie in the Playground"
  3. A proposal for using the school club model to
    • strengthen the Blender/CG talent value chain
    • provide paid work to animators and film makers, be they freelance, in higher ed or otherwise
    • help develop a pertinent, relevant work history for the CVs of the up-and-coming Blenderati
    • provide needed profile boost in the early education space, for Blender (win hearts and minds)
    • support a commercial model that provides continuous trickle funding to BI
    • help kids from a young age get inspired by helping make, and be in, a real CG mini-movie
  4. Call to form project boards in multiple territories
  5. Open up for discussion