Blend4Web for a point and click game

Luigi Verri, Daniele De Luca

Sunday 25 October Theater 30

Back to the Middle Ages - at present in its prototypal version - is an educational third-person adventure game for on-line PC platforms and mobile devices. It uses Blend4Web to thrust players into the role of a merchant's apprentice in 13th century Italian city of Bologna. In order to adhere to the "point and click" genre, some functionalities had to be added to Blend4Web by working with low level APIs, iterations, trigonometric functions and JavaScript. Furthermore, characters made from Cookie Flex Rig have undergone a process of adaptation to match the requirements of a real-time environment.

Speakers: Luigi Verri (3D modelling and game scripting), Daniele De Luca (CG Artist, character adaptation, screenwriter and game developer)

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