Recreating the 1986 Juggler in Real Time using OSL

Fran├žois Gastaldo

Friday 23 October Theater 30

This conference presents a short history of ray tracing on desktop computer, from 1986 to Blender 2.75.

It is also about opening doors to extended shading with pseudo or partial rendering via Cycles and OSL Language.




·       The 1986 Juggler:

o   3D at 10 years BB (Before Blender).

o   From SuperComputer to Desktop.

o   Ray Tracing for everyone, utopia or reality?


·       The 2015 OSL Juggler:

o   First step: Sphere, sphere, sphere.

o   The FOSPHORE Shaders project.

o   Setting up the scene: modeling the juggler.

o   A renderer inside a renderer.

o   Minimalist Ray Tracing, how to get fast?

o   How to extend shading with rendering functions?

o   Projects after the Juggler.