Blender used in Swiss humanitarian demining

Alain Mathez

Friday 23 October Salon 30

Preface (2008) : I wrote "Caterpillar Soft Track", a 21 pages article for the Blender Art Magazine, Issue 19 (Rigging and Constraints). (please skip the 40 seconds intro, which is very boring, I was just a raw novice).

Project 1 (2011) : The team from DIGGER DTR (Swiss efficiency in fixing war damage on the filed) contacted me.

They had new tools on paper, but not enough time to make real ones before customer meetings.

So we decided to show 3 concepts in a 90 seconds video. After some days, I showed them the very first seconds of video.

This was sufficient to convince them that video was the perfect way to show the machine acting in multiple situations.

One year later, the 10 minutes video was called "Multipurpose Solutions CGI".

Project 2 (2013) : The team from DIGGER DTR had a brand new demining machine and a complete catalogue with it.

They asked me to produce almost every CG pictures in it (both NPR with Internal and photorealistic with Cycles).

Including a big "éclaté" (sorry, it's in french) where every part of the machine had to be visible (see page 33).

That was not so easy for my poor 2x Nvidia GeForce GTX 580, but they did it.