AstroBlend: An Astrophysics Visualization Library

Jill Naiman

Saturday 24 October Theater 30

In this talk, I will summarize progress on an astrophysical visualization and analysis tool using Python in Blender.  Current work which combines Blender's 3D rendering capabilities with yt (, a widely used parallel astrophysical analysis tool written in Python, will be demonstrated.  These will include simple renderings from multiple simulations, combination of artistic models with real data, and the beginnings of real time interaction with large data sets. I will discuss how this library can be used not only for stunning visualizations, but data analysis and as a teaching tool as well.  Future plans for further "on-the-fly" visualizations and analysis will also be discussed.   Some example videos can be found at the AstroBlend youtube channel:, and some sample 3D models can be found at sketchfab: