New Paradigms for Industrial Design Visualization

Simon Repp

Saturday 24 October Theater 30

As part of the EU-funded AXIOM Gamma (Open Hardware Cinema Camera) project, our heavily blender-based R&D effort codenamed "Project Elmyra" aims to demonstrate that visualization processes can be made more efficient, reusable and sustainable - without having to resort to heavy specialization or rocket science, but through reflection on the way we spend our everyday workhours, and an interdisciplinary design methodology to turn things around!

In this talk you will learn about the concepts, but also see the product: A web-based "rapid iterative" visualization system, sporting a fully automated pipeline with turntable animations, cross-section renderings, versioned and self-improving render output, different aesthetics, multiple export formats and everything else that's finished by the end of October. (The overall project will run until June 2016)