Making films in 7 days with 14-18 year olds

Tom Haines

Friday 23 October Salon 30

3Dami has now taken 11 teams of pre-uni students (aged 14-18) through the process of making a 3D animated film in just 7 days, successfully every time. You may watch them on the 3Dami YouTube channel. Our students have gone on to self-organise into teams and make a further two films after this years events, entirly online. This year we had two locations, significant funding, our own textbook, a specially written (open source) asset manager/render farm and we gave the London students access to a 2000 node cluster for rendering. I will explain how we do this, including the importance of Blender to the process. The focus will be on the education-side, particularly what we have learnt over the years about how to use Blender successfully to do something that many people, myself included, originally believed to be impossible.