The Grove - Grow true to nature 3D trees

Wybren van Keulen

Saturday 24 October Theater 30

The Grove is a great new way for growing 3D trees, with a strong eye on nature. You grow trees by simulating the seasons in interactive steps. Each year first growing new twigs, then bending branches under the added weight. And before growing another year, the Grove drops weak branches. This simulation based algorithm evolves true to nature trees. It is a huge step forward in realism.

You mimic any tree's character by flowing sugar and hormones though its branches. Build high quality models that are lightweight to render. Interact with an environment to attract, deflect and block new growth. Nurture your tree like mother nature.

I present the Grove's algorithm and its many features. What makes the Grove unique from other tools? I give insights into developing the Addon and a look at future features.