Blender for Architecture and Engineering

Justas Ingelevicius

Friday 23 October Salon 30

Mechanical engineer and software developer Jaume Bellet will present project which aim is improve Blender move, scale, rotate, mirror functionality by allowing manual snap targets and reference point selection. This is one of essential things needed for fast and accurate modeling which now Blender lacks.

Project description: 

Released working patch:

Videos demonstrating functionality: Move enhancementsMove with manual snap targetRotate using a reference - align obectsMultiple Transform Operations.

Architect Justas Ingelevicius will present Enhanced Custom Properties add-on and roadmap for future tools.

Enhanced Custom Properties add-on will allow users create object assemblies and add to these assemblies custom parameters and create different sets of parameter values (types). Parameters are able to drive geometry. So user can create for instance window assembly define parameters Width, Depth, Height then assign these parameters to particular objects in assembly - frame, glass etc. and then change dimension of a window by changing values of that parameter. Also it’s possible to store these parameter value sets as assembly types so having different window dimensions without need to remodel.

Currently add-on is under development, you can check detailed description and download current version on:

Further we plan to release rest of tools: