Rig, a Blackhole for the creativity of 3D animator

Daniel Martinez Lara

Sunday 25 October Theater 30

The actual rigging tools are a "Blackhole" for the creativity of 3D independent animators, forced to animate existing rigged characters, not their own characters.

We need more 2D way of thinking in to 3D, a 2D animator can design a character, animate it, make the cloths and hair movements and even some fx, are free to create things and animate it.

Like Z-brush (or Blender Dyntopo) for modeling, making very very complex things in a friendly and artistic way or Cycles for Render, with realtime updates of your render, the rigging tools need be more friendly and affordable for independent 3D animators to feel free to create and animate their own things.

This conference is talking about to explain this and proposal some tools and show some early development in this direction.