Automotive design with Blender

Mathilde Ampe

Saturday 24 October Theater 30

Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC) just celebrated its 10th anniversary as a centre for excellence in design and engineering for Tata Motors in the United Kingdom.

At TMETC the design process ranges from initial 2D sketches all the way to 3D renderings and animation.  Key decisions have to be made at the initial design stage.  Blender’s polygonal modelling enables very fast iterations in volume studies and design proposals not achievable with NURBS.  We’ll present one example and one case study done highlighting how the creative surfacing team at TMETC used Blender. 

We’ll explain the tools we need with Blender today to maximize its use in our design workflow.   With your help we’ll map out how we can use Blender for the next year and in the future.