Blender for newcomers (an architectural desktop? )

Gianluca Vita

Sunday 25 October Salon 30

Blender is a software with an excepctional interface which gives to the user enormous possibilities of interaction in a very efficient and performant way but this interface sometimes "scares" who opens it for the first time.

In my presentation I would like to explain and share my point of view (after seven years of teaching Blender in the courses and workshops i held as a professor at the Politechnical University of Milan)

I have notized and studied the reactions of neophytes when they make their first approach to the software for using it in both architecture and design. Sometimes people give up Blender because its learing seems too difficult, most of the cases, they find that the interface isn't clear neither adapted to archiectural purposes. Others, overcome the first obstacle in learning Blender, its particular interface, and decide to make it their working tool.

The aim of my presentation is to discuss and propose the realization of an OPTIONAL simplified interface for those who opens the program for the first time for using it for architectural or design tasks, enabling them to understand the enormous possibilities and applications of this software, improving its comprehension by re-designing the interface for those who comes from the architectural and design field.